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POS Minting (Mining)

Thanks to the power of proof of stake any one with an online wallet can start minting (Mining) for new KurdCoin.

  • Get Kurdcoin wallet for your platform. Download Here.
  • Go to Receive and copy your wallet address.
  • Get some Kurdcoins from our generous GiveAway.
  • Wait for 6 hours
  • Optional: if you have your wallet encrypted and locked, unlock your wallet to be able to start minting (Mining).
  • Enjoy !!

POW Mining KurdCoin (windows)

In order to mine the precious Kurd Coin:

  • Download Kurdcoin qt wallet.
  • Copy kurdcoin.conf to KurdCoin folder in (C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\KurdCoin ).
  • Run kurdcoin-qt.exe.
  • Download CpuMiner for your windows from: .
  • Open CMD (command prompt).
  • cd “to/cpuminer/location” for example: cd “c:\cpuminer\” .
  • Run mining command. for example: minerd –algo=scrypt –url= –userpass=krdrpc:1234 –threads=2
  • Then wait and be patient till you get your blocks accepted

enjoy mining Kurdcoin.